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The works of Christopher G. Brenning

The Hellborn King eCover.jpg

The Hellborn King

April 5th, 2021

The debut novel of Christopher G. Brenning, and the genesis of "The Hellborn King Saga".

A kingdom at war. A royal family at war with itself.


After the massacre of his people, Damien Dreadfire leads a patchwork army of unlikely allies against the Kingdom of Betanthia. The alliance teeters on the edge of a knife, as old rivalries between clans threaten to tear it apart. With the help of his trusted friend, Einarr, and a strange mystic, Damien launches a bold offensive that will decide the future of the free lands. Short on time, and even shorter on men, the fate of a once vibrant culture and its people rests on the outcome of the next battle.


Meanwhile, Betanthia's crown prince, Gareth Bethard, faces dangers of his own. With his family coming apart at the seams and a growing conspiracy afoot, he tries desperately to hold everything together. Even as Gareth grapples with inner demons, he must learn to take up his father's mantle as the protector of civilization and defeat Damien’s invading horde. It's only the fate of a thousand-year dynasty resting on his shoulders, after all.

The Wrathbringer eCover.jpg

The Wrathbringer

September 5th, 2022





With a year of stunning victories behind him, Damien Dreadfire seeks to drive a stake through the heart of Betanthia. With his ranks burgeoning, he pushes deeper into enemy territory. But with each new conquest, his alliance fractures even further, until it nearly shatters into pieces. Damien must walk the line between appeasing old enemies, and keeping his allies content, or watch his well-laid plans come to ruin.


Meanwhile, Prince Gareth Bethard’s struggles continue. With a dangerous conspiracy growing bolder by the day, and barbarians marauding at will, the future king finds himself in utter peril. With the help of trusted friends and allies, he begins mounting an offensive against enemies from without, and from within. But after suffering an unspeakable tragedy, Gareth must find the courage to fight on, or watch as Betanthia is consumed by fire.

The Servitor of Sin

Coming July 10th, 2023

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