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  • Christopher G. Brenning

I'm excited to announce, "The Wrathbringer"!

Ugh, apologies for not keeping up on my blog. I find social media much easier to manage these days.

I'm thrilled to announce the second book in "The Hellborn King Saga", titled "The Wrathbringer", will be arriving in 2022! Artwork is courtesy of the talented J Caleb Design, who again knocked it out of the park.

A release date is not set in stone. While I'm confident it will be out this year, I don't want to drop a specific date and then not be ready. I want to make sure this one is done right, as I believe it will prove superior to "The Hellborn King" in many respects.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements. I'm hoping within the next couple of months to have a release date firmly set, as I should be done writing by that time. Stay tuned!

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