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"The Wrathbringer" Release Date!

I'm proud to announce the release date for "The Wrathbringer". September 5th, 2022 is the day! You can purchase a physical copy from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and the ebook from Amazon as well.

I'm so thrilled to be releasing the next installment of "The Hellborn King Saga". And to make this even more exciting, you will be able to purchase "The Wrathbringer" in hardcover! And let me tell you, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Labor Day is the day! Grab yourself a copy and enjoy the madness!

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Oct 12, 2022

Dear Christopher, yesterday I discovered your books when they were mentioned in a video by "Mike's Book Reviews" on youtube. I see that you have two books released for that series already and I am very curious about them. I would love to know how many books you plan for this series? Will this be a trilogy or do you plan for more? :)

Many greetings from Germany \m/


Oct 17, 2022
Replying to

okay, I see, thank you :) then I will order via amazon.

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